101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage, by Kyra Sundance, Chalcy

By Kyra Sundance, Chalcy

Overseas bestseller in 18 languages with over a half-million copies bought around the world! This superbly designed publication positive aspects step by step directions with effortless to stick with colour photographs of every step. every one trick is rated with an issue ranking and stipulations to get you began fast. counsel and trouble-shooting containers hide universal difficulties, whereas "build-on" principles recommend extra advanced tips which construct on each one new skill.

Tricks diversity from basic ones like sit down, Shake arms, Fetch, and Roll Over, to outstanding ones like Tidy Up Your Toys into the Toybox, and Get a Soda from the refrigerator. hundreds of thousands of individuals have discovered good fortune with Kyra Sundance's step by step concepts and you may too. Trick education might help you bond together with your puppy and combine him into your loved ones. tips hold him mentally and bodily challenged and aid to set up paths of verbal exchange among you. Many methods construct talents utilized in puppy activities, puppy dancing, and puppy treatment paintings. a hundred and one puppy tips will motivate you to do extra along with your puppy!

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Each time you offer your dog praise, toys, or attention, simply ask him to sit. In essence, you’re teaching him to say please. If you’re feeling a little guilty that you haven’t been offering a lot of positive reinforcement these days, there’s no better time than the Chapter 4: Seeing Life from Your Dog’s Perspective 49 present to change! Praise your dog every chance you get! “Good catch” (don’t worry if he doesn’t fetch quite yet), “Good boy” (when he’s chewing his toy), “Nice dog” (when he’s relaxing).

These puppy behaviors are what make dogs fine companions, while the adult canine behavior makes wolves so difficult to tame. Table 2-1 offers an interesting look at what the adult wolf characteristics are like compared to the wolf-puppy characteristics that you see in dogs. Table 2-1 Dogs Act More Like Wolf Puppies Than Adults Behavioral Trait or Characteristic Adult Version Seen in Wolf Puppylike Version Seen in Dog Fear of strangers (xenophobia) Common and not easily changed Are usually friendly and approach strangers if the dog is brought up with adequate human contact Acceptance of leadership Often challenges for leadership and dominance Usually accepts humans as leaders and challenges are rare Dependence Independent Tend to look to humans or other dogs for guidance Play behaviors Very rare in adults and then only shown around puppies Urge to play continues throughout life Trainability Minimal; obedience commands learned when young, often aren’t responded to when adult Much more trainable than wolves; furthermore, obedience training can occur throughout life, and trainability is retained through adulthood Barking Rare and brief — only in warning or surprise Common in many settings, with variations serving as communication Yelping Absent except in pups Common in many settings Group howling Common social activity Less common in dogs, and much like pups, when it does occur, it includes barks and yelps Muzzle biting and pinning canines to the ground Common as part of the ritual display of dominance Rare except in the most wolflike breeds (such as Malamutes) (continued) 22 Part I: The Fascinating World of Dogs Table 2-1 (continued) Behavioral Trait or Characteristic Adult Version Seen in Wolf Puppylike Version Seen in Dog Licking as a greeting Occurs only occasionally and for short duration Quite frequent, especially in the most puppylike breeds Behavioral Traits Bred in the Bone Though no one seriously worries that their pet dog will stalk, kill, or eat their neighbor, many dogs still get busted for stealing the roast off the countertop, chasing bicycles, or tipping over garbage cans.

Accustomed to your normal reaction, she’s determined to get your attention. Some professionals call this an extinguish burst, but we like to think of it as a sign of doggone determination! Look at your dog when she’s cooperating, not when you’re giving her instruction. For example, when calling your dog, don’t stare at her. Either look at the ground (she’ll think you’ve found something interesting) or turn away as you call out her name. Your trailing voice will spark her curiosity. Dogs, like people, use eye contact to assess and reinforce status and other communications (see Figure 3-1).

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