101 verbi frasali inglesi (volume 2) by Stephen Harrison

By Stephen Harrison

One hundred and one Verbi Frasali Inglesi - Secondo Volume

Si tratta del secondo booklet della serie di bestseller '101 Verbi Frasali Inglesi '. I verbi frasali sono estremamente comuni in inglese, ma il loro utilizzo corretto può essere una sfida in line with gli studenti, anche quelli con un elevato livello di competenza.

Questo e-book vi aiuterà a padroneggiare questi verbi e rendere il vostro inglese più fluente e simile a quella degli inglesi madrelingua.

Questo booklet include
● Una spiegazione dei tipi di verbi frasali.
● Le regole grammaticali according to il loro utilizzo.
● one zero one verbi frasali inglesi con traduzione in italiano.
● Un racconto appositamente scritto, che utilizza molti dei verbi frasali trattati.

Questo libro è perfetto in step with chi cerca di rinfrescare le proprie competenze dell' inglese, o in step with gli studenti principianti.

Scorrete il backup e scaricatelo ora!

Altri utilissimi publication consistent with aiutarvi a migliorare il vostro inglese, li potete trovare su www.ebooksforenglish.it

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Extra resources for 101 verbi frasali inglesi (volume 2)

Example text

Mom, Dad, Alice…” said a boy’s voice. It was Peter! He was standing at the window. He looked healthy and he was unharmed. ” She ran to her son and embraced him. ” she asked, checking him for injuries. “No Mom, I need to talk to you and dad. We don’t have much time,” said the boy. At that moment, Clarissa and Mark noticed that Peter seemed to glow and lit up the room with a beautiful, white light. “You might have noticed that the clocks have stopped,” said Peter. “Yes son we had,” replied Mark.

Be fed up (averne avuto abbastanza) tipo 1 A: I’m fed up! John is always late and I have to wait. di qualcuno/qualcosa) tipo 4 A: I’m fed up with John. He is always late and I have to wait. Be taken aback (essere presi alla sprovvista) tipo 1 A: So how did you react when Lewis told you his news? B: Well I was taken aback. I’ve never met anyone who has won the lottery. It really shocked me. Be taken aback by something (essere preso alla sprovvista da qualcosa) tipo 4 A: I am taken aback by this, I just can’t understand how you think it’s OK to spend all our money on a new car without asking me!

Lead on (fuorviare,trascinare romanticamente) tipo 2 A: I’m cross with Judy. B: Why? A: She has hurt Paul. He really thought she liked him but she was leading him on. Leave out (lasciar fuori/non includere) tipo 2 A: What’s wrong? You look sad. B: Oh I’m OK. It’s just my friends went to London without asking me. They left me out and it’s not nice. Light up (illuminare) tipo 2 A: The lamp lit up the room brightly. B: Her smile lit up her face. Lighten up (rilassarsi/alleggerirsi dallo stress) tipo 1 A: How is John?

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