A Laboratory Course in C++ Data Structures, Second Edition by James Roberge

By James Roberge

With a dynamic learn-by-doing concentration, this laboratory guide encourages scholars to discover facts constructions via enforcing them, a technique by which scholars detect how information buildings paintings and the way they are often utilized.

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Cpp. This program supports the following tests. Test 1 2 Action Tests the constructor and the getMonth, getYear, and getDaysInMonth operations. Tests the putEntry and getEntry operations. cpp. cpp. Step 3: Link the object files produced by Steps 1 and 2. Step 4: Complete the test plan for Test 1 by filling in the expected number of days for each month. Step 5: Execute the test plan. If you discover mistakes in your implementation of the Logbook ADT, correct them and execute the test plan again.

If you discover mistakes in your implementation of the insertAtBeginning operation, correct them and execute your test plan again. Test Plan for the insertAtBeginning Operation Test Case Commands Expected Result Insert a series of points at the beginning of the list # # # # (7,8) (5,6) (3,4) (1,2) 1 3 5 7 2 4 6 8 Note: The point marked by the cursor is shown in bold. h file cause any problems? Explain why or why not. 42 | Laboratory 2 Part B If it does cause problems, what would you do to overcome the problems?

The speed with which you can create and evaluate test cases using an interactive, command-driven test program makes it very easy to produce this kind of error. It is very tempting to just sit down and start entering commands. A much better strategy, however, is to create a test plan listing the test cases you wish to check and then to write out command sequences that generate these test cases. cpp, and link them together into one executable. Step 2: Complete the following test plan by adding test cases that check whether your implementation of the Point List ADT correctly handles the following tasks: • • • • Appending points to a list that has been cleared Filling a list to its maximum size Determining whether a list is empty Determining whether a list is full Assume that the output of one test case is used as the input to the following test case and note that although expected results are listed for the final command in each command sequence, you should confirm that each command produces a correct result.

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