A Night to Remember by Eve Vaughn

By Eve Vaughn

One evening of ardour leads enthusiasts on a passionate trip neither anticipated. at the evening that are meant to were her yr marriage ceremony anniversary Charlie Brown reveals herself in a bar to drown her sorrows over her deceased wife. something ends up in one other and she or he seeks convenience within the palms of a stranger. Jake sought after Charlie the minute he observed her, yet is aware he needs to take issues gradual with this attractive damsel-in-distress. whilst his supply of aid becomes one steamy evening of ardour, he is familiar with he can by no means allow her cross. Too undesirable shes disappeared from his mattress and out of his lifestyles the subsequent morning.. 3 years move, yet Charlie isn't faraway from Jakes brain, so it comes as a surprise to him to find that his new worker is none except his dream lady. Charlie is both stunned to discover herself hired by way of Jakes corporation simply because now she has a mystery. This identify has been formerly released. caution, this identify comprises the subsequent: particular intercourse, photograph language.

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He already knew from last night’s encounter that when she made love, she gave all of herself, her body and soul. He liked that and wanted to know more. Her sorrow and her vulnerability had touched him. There was no way he could get on that flight. Easing out of bed, careful not to disturb Charlie, he walked over to the phone and called the airline. He didn’t care about the extra cost of a ticket for changing his flight so late. All he cared about was spending more time with Charlie. When his new flight was booked, he slid back into bed, eager to feel the warmth of her body against his.

He had given her a lecture about him not being a pervert and here he was, hard as rock, wanting her more than he had ever wanted any other woman. As her sobs subsided, Charlie looked up at him. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. ” “Why would I think that? ” “Well, I did have getting some sleep on my mind, but its okay. It sounds like you really needed a good cry. ” Charlie looked up at him with her big doe-like brown eyes, and he could feel his body tighten. Being so close to this woman, was affecting his equilibrium.

I’ve never shared a hotel room with a stranger before,” she pointed out. “Well, aren’t I taking as big a risk as you are? ” She shook her head, seeing the playful gleam in the icy blue depths of his eyes. “Okay, you big idiot. I give. ” he pouted. Charlie laughed wondering what she had been so afraid of in the first place. They seemed like old friends. After chatting for a few more minutes, she yawned. ” “Yes, I’m pretty tired as well. You can take this bed. I’ll take the one on the wall. ” “Sure,” she agreed.

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