Accounting Database Design by Derek Liew

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At this point, our task is incomplete, Dave has voiced his concern on the issue of data integrity. He is worried, especially on numerical fields that hold important figures, vital to the preparation of logical and comprehensive financial reports to MaxCorp’s management. He wants to have a database that runs on a real-time basis, where whenever an invoice is issued, an entry would be automatically posted in the Journals, when a collection is made from a customer or payment made to a creditor, an entry would also be posted in the Journals, without having the need for manual entry, simply said, a real-time processing system.

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Click the Finish button once you are ready to create your database. Summary In this Chapter, we have learned what are a database, how to create relationship between tables, and the concept of normalization. We then learned how to install SQL Server and creating a database. To summaries, in this chapter, we have discussed: • The advantages of relational database versus a flat-file database • Normalization Concept (First Normal Form to Third Normal Form) • The use of Primary and foreign keys • What is SQL, and its functionality • How to install SQL Server 2000 (Personal Edition) • How to create database with Database Wizard Chapter 2 Developing the Journals Table Normalizing Journal Table This chapter will illustrate how an accounting database is being designed.

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