Advances in Human Genetics by Richard E. Tashian, Nicholas D. Carter (auth.), Harry

By Richard E. Tashian, Nicholas D. Carter (auth.), Harry Harris, Kurt Hirschhorn (eds.)

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The F 1 animals showed all four electrophoretic classes (Fig. 14 Unfortunately, due to restricted fertility in the hybrid animals, extensive mating data were not available. However, subsequent to these studies, more genetic evidence for linkage between CA I and CA II has been obtained by Eicher and Stern from their studies of mice. 37 They observed no recombination between the two carbonic anhydrase loci, Car-l and Car-2 ( = CA I and CA II), after the analysis of a total of 209 backcross offspring between P1 animals homozygous at both loci and F 1 animals that were doubly heterozygous.

Acad. Sci. (Paris) 242:1538. 29. , Daufi, L. , and Tashian, R. , 1971, A semi-quantitative method for determining levels of carbonic anhydrase isozymes in individual red blood cells, Exp. Cell Res. 26:338. 30. , and Tashian, R. , 1973, Evidence for linkage of carbonic anhydrase isozyme genes in the pig-tailed macaque, Macaca nemestrina, Nature (London) New Bioi. 242:55. 31. , and Tashian, R. , 1973, Genetic variation in the carbonic anhydrase isozymes of macaque monkeys. III. Biosynthesis of carbonic anhydrases in bone marrow erythroid cells and peripheral blood reticulocytes of Macaca nemestrina, Arch.

The single red-cell carbonic anhydrases that have been tested from these species all show high specific C02 hydrase activity, and as such, appear to be homologous to the CA II of other mammals. 17 •18 •106•115 •136 Thus, the presence of a high-activity isozyme may be important for the normal functioning of mammalian red cells, and it might be expected Chapter 1: Biochemical Genetics of Carbonic Anhydrase 45 that a mutation that alters this high actiVIty appreciably would be selected against. The possibility that only one functional isozyme is present in these species does not seem likely in view of the discovery of a low-activity CA I isozyme in the rumen epithelium of the ox 11 and in the caecum of the cat.

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