Osprey Aircraft Of The Aces 02 Bf 109 Aces Of North Africa by Jerry Scutts

By Jerry Scutts

Absolutely outnumbered all through their brief two-year sojourn within the Western wasteland, the crack fighter pilots of the handful of Jagdgeschwader in-theatre fought a good crusade in aid of Rommel’s Afrika Korps opposed to the British and American forces. depending nearly completely at the Luftwaffe’s staple fighter of worldwide conflict 2, the Messerschmitt Bf 109, the battle-hardened aces used the aircraft’s enhanced functionality to accomplish tremendous ratings opposed to the Allies. equally, as soon as driven out of North Africa, those devices endured to take the struggle to the RAF and USAAF from makeshift bases in northern Italy.

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E N D OF A N E R A within extremely close range (100 yds) and he duly shot this machine down also - that made II. Lt Remmer claimed a kill from another formation which then appeared, whilst Marseille flew back to base to be greeted by Generalfeldmarschall Albert Kesselring, commander of Luftflotte 2. The pilot was heartily congratulated on his morning s work. Gruppe having been briefed to provide both close and indirect escort for a large formation of Ju 88s. /JG 27 formation, Marseille was ordered to provide the close cover.

202s. Earlier that same day Marseille and Stahlschmidt were part of a small force that had intercepted a dawn raid consisting of RAF Bostons and Baltimores, plus USAAF B-25s - total light bomber sorties for that day alone reached 200. They were covered by Desert Air Force Kittyhawks, Hurricanes and Spitfires, plus American P-40Fs of the 57th Fighter Group (FG). The Jagdflieger, in response, flew no less than 139 sorties, Frie Jagd sweeps accounting for all but 13 of this total. On this occasion the bombers were well protected, despite attacks by eight Bf 109s.

His rear-quarter attack was met by heavy fire from the Mitchells' tail gunners, which sent the Messerschmitt down in flames near Civitavecchia. Another Ritterkreuztrager lost in action in this theatre, Puschmann had scored a total of 54 victories at the time of his death. /JG 2 brought its Fw 190s in from France. Much of the interception work now concentrated on the US heavy bomber en route to their targets in Germany. Over Italy and the Balkans, air combats brought the Jagdflieger limited success against their primary targets as the ratio of Allied escort fighters to bombers steadily increased, often exceeding two to one.

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