The Alchemist's Handbook: Manual for Practical Laboratory by Frater Albertus

By Frater Albertus

Why now not five stars?

For purposes:

1) Alchemy (The Weiser Concise advisor sequence) through Brian Cotnoir is a greater advent, even though, properly, it comprises little concerning the "Great Work".

2) the writer, Frater Albertus, comprises theosophistic (source: Mme H. P. Blavatsky et al) confusion just like the thought of literal "re-incarnation", anything of a "New Age" dogma yet, unluckily, an misguided nineteenth century amalgamation of the 2 conventional doctrines of metemphychosis and transmigration.

The final sections of the publication, starting with bankruptcy VII, "Wisdom of the Sages", are usually not superfluous yet to the contrary include a number of powerful tricks and valuable warnings approximately definite fabrics and approaches of the good Work.

The part "Alchemy and Philosophy" within the end is actually extraordinary, displaying how a few of the theories of contemporary chemistry may be usefully, harmoniously and seamlessly built-in into the normal framework of airtight philosophy and alchemy.

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To speak without a figure, our subject must now be enclosed in a small glass vial, made strong enough to bear a due heat, which is to be raised gradually to the highest degree: the best form for this vessel being that of an oil flask, with a long neck; but these are much too thin in substance for this operation. In such a vessel the mixture is to be sealed hermetically, and digested so long till it is fixed into a dry concretion: but, if, as we observed, the moisture should predominate, there is great danger of the vessel bursting, with a vapour which cannot be concentered by WISDOM OF THE SAGES 81 the fixing quality in the matter.

One who understands thoroughly these principles of the four elements can bring forth from them the alchemical Salt, Sulphur, and Mercury. Later on the student is taught how to unite this Salt, Sulphur, and Mercury in a higher degree. The fundamental law of the Order is given in this degree to be the pursuance of wisdom and virtue, rather than to abide in the the domain of mammon when the philosopher's stone is discovered. This is thoroughly impressed upon each member of this degree. The instruction of the higher members, the members' own initiative and energy, and the mercy of God will determine whether or not they will ever make a transmutation.

To this it is answered that the philosophers have hitherto industriously kept that a profound secret; some out of a selfish disposition, though otherwise good men. Others, who wished only for worthy persons to whom they might impart it, could not write of it openly, because covetousness and vanity have been governing principles in the world; and, being wise men, they knew that it was not the will of the Most High to inflame and cherish such odious tempers, the genuine offspring of pride and self-love, but to banish them out of the earth, wherefore they have been withheld hitherto.

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