Battleships. 1906 to present. by Ian Sturton, Przemyslaw Budzbon

By Ian Sturton, Przemyslaw Budzbon

Книга Battleships. 1906 to give. Battleships. 1906 to offer. Книги Вооружение Автор: Ian Sturton Формат: djvu Размер: 17 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:История линейных кораблей с начала XX века до наших дней. Справочник составлен по странам. От Аргентины до united states. История, Фото, ТТХ.

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The chief petty officers had their own quar- 24 ABOARD THE FARRAGUT CLASS DESTROYERS IN WORLD WAR II ters that included a berthing section, their own head and a large table with chairs for meals and lounging. A mess cook-compartment cleaner was assigned exclusively to the chief ’s quarters. He served the meals (from the enlisted men’s general mess) and kept the head and quarters clean. Although classified as enlisted men, chief petty officers wore an officer type uniform. There is an old saying in the military that the army is run by officer’s wives and sergeants but the navy is run by chief petty officers.

S. Navy but only as mess attendants. This was considered to be a great opportunity for them; after retirement they would return to their homeland and their navy pensions would make them some of the wealthiest men in their communities. Blacks constituted 10 percent of all enlisted men in 1880 to 1890. 5 After our entry into the war, the navy started to accept blacks for all ratings. In 1944 the newly commissioned USS Mason (DE 529), an Evans 28 ABOARD THE FARRAGUT CLASS DESTROYERS IN WORLD WAR II class destroyer escort, had a crew of 160 black sailors and 44 white officers and petty officers.

Many high school graduates, and some with two years of college, applied for enlistment but acceptance was difficult. 9 Generally the Depression babies were better educated than the old salts who relied on their years of experience and somewhat resented the high school punks that could learn from manufacturer’s instruction manuals. In turn, the youngsters considered some of the old salts as having only sufficient literary ability to sign their name on a pay chit (a receipt for pay received). There was no great animosity between these two groups and the youngsters, when standing watch and assisting the old salts with repair and maintenance tasks, learned from their experienced elders.

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