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Antennae, plural of → antenna; → galaxy. Pers šâk, cf. Skt. sakha- "a branch, a limb," Arm. cax, Lit. S. : principe anthropique The idea that the existence of life and, in particular, our presence as intelligent observers, constrains the nature of the Universe. It is an attempt to explain the observed fact that the fundamental constants of physics and chemistry are just right or fine-tuned to allow the Universe and life to exist. Anthropic, from Gk. anthropikos "human," from anthropos "human being, man;" → principle.

07. Alpheratz is a blue → subgiant star of spectral typ B8 IV lying at a distance of about 97 light-years. It is particularly remarkable because of the unusual strength of mercury and manganese absorption lines in its spectrum. Other names for this star are Alpherat, Sirrah, or Sirah. These names derive from Ar. As-Surrat al-Faras (‫" )سرفلا رسلا‬The Horse's Navel," from surrat (‫" ) رس‬navel" + faras (‫" )سرف‬horse". The name refers to the location of the star in the figure of → Pegasus. However, the star is now considered to belong to the constellation → Andromeda.

Pers. dasta-; Av. zasta-; cf. Skt. hásta-; Gk. kheir; L. praesto "at hand;" Arm. jern "hand;" Lith. pa-žastis "arm-pit;" PIE *ghes-to-) + -ak suffix denoting relation, affinity, similarity. 4 km/s) relative to general field stars in the Galaxy. Antapex from L. → ant-→ anti- "against, opposite" + L. → apex "summit, peak, tip". Pers. cakât "summit," → apex. : Antarctique The south polar area, south of latitude 66° 33' 8" S. Fr. L. antarcticus, from Gk. antarktikos "opposite the north," from → anti- "opposite" + arktikos→ arctic.

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