Are you tired of sowing much & reaping little? by Jerry Savelle

By Jerry Savelle

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41 This passage is laden with technical terms not requiring explanation here; what matters is simply the use of “tokens” (sunthem ata), a key technical term in theurgy. This aspect of the Form is “not susceptible to knowledge” because (like the intelligible forms42) it is not accessible to ep istem e, scientific knowledge, but only to gn o sis, knowledge in the sense of insight. This “gnostic” dimension of forms is what we might characterize as their nondialectical characteristic, that remainder irreducible to their merely negative, diacritical differentiation from one another which, akin to the value of the proper name, drops out in translation due to its specific associations in different cultures.

15-18. All translations mine. ) 85 beings] there is compounding of forms, and likeness and friendship and participation in one another; but the unity of these former entities [the henads], inasmuch as it is a unity of henads, is far more uniform and ineffable and unsurpassable; for they are all in all of them, which is not the case with the Forms. These [the Forms] are participated in by each other, but they are not all in all. 7 1 V. , Prodi Commentarius in Platonis Ÿ$menidem, in Proeli philosophi Platonici opera inedita All things are in Socrates “socratically”, but the latter, upon analysis, would entail the form of Humanity, since Socrates is a human.

So that we could achieve assimiladon to him through them, and so that external things, which have the benefit of divine illumination through our offerings, could become bountiful and truly serviceable to us” (364). That is, “we ... ”28 Simplicius says that “through the small portion [14] that is offered, the entire 28 It is interesting to note that Simplicius discusses the offering, not as “material”, but as “external”. This less ontologically loaded terminology suits the evolution in later Platonism away from the dualistic opposition of form and matter.

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