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Watch this image quietly and make no mental effort to interfere with it. It will grow strong and then fade away, then reappear again each time weaker. Watch it until it is gone. Do not force any action against the image, just watch the image fade away. Repeat this work with all the symbols, each in turn for a week each, but do not put any pressure on yourself. After you have done this work for some weeks then try to bring the image back into your memory, your mind’s eye. I am sure you will be pleased to discover that in about two or three weeks of work you will be able to bring the images back in your imagination vision easily and in color!

Something you want. You have ideas all the time as to things you want, circumstances to be brought about. And this is what you have been studying in this book. Use your Treasure Chart to the limit. Load it with pictures of things you desire and feast your eyes on them. Everything helps. The sky is the limit. Go to it. OCCULT LAW NUMBER TEN. LAW OF THE REVERSAL OF THE PLANES This Law of Reversal is of some importance, enough that you should know about it; but in actual practice-use it would do little more than perplex you as you note the effects of reversal, as you go thru the planes; if you are viewing them clairvoyantly.

However in the use of Inner Plane Forces to accomplish something on the physical plane WE WANT TO USE ONLY ONE ASPECT OF THE FORCE AND NOT BOTH ASPECTS. And the reason for this is – One aspect of a Force will bring a thing to use and the other aspect of a Force will take it away! Or to say it in another way – A Force can bring something to us and the same Force can take it away! It follows naturally then that if we want a certain thing then the aspect of the Force we want is the aspect that will BRING THE THING TO US!!

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