Atoms and the universe; an account of modern views of the by G. O. Jones

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The "representation" of crisis and the rhetoric it organizes always have at least this purpose: to determine, so as to limit it, a more serious and more formless threat, one which is, in fact, faceless and normless. A monstrous threat but one that holds some desire in suspense: a threat to desire. By de­ termining it as crisis, one tames it, domesticates it, neutralizes it-in short, one economizes it. One appropriates the Thing, the unthinkable becomes the unknown to be known, one begins to give it form, one begins to inform, master, calculate, program.

52 N E G O T I AT I O N S and the prescription, the fact and the right. And is God: at once creator of nature and judge, supreme judge of what is (the state of the world) and of what relates to what ought to be (the rectitude of our intentions) . The instance of judgment, at the level of the supreme j udge, is the last instance for saying the fact and the law. , "coup de force," or more simply, more economically, as the analytic and consequential deployment of a tautol­ ogy: for this Declaration to have a meaning and an effect, there must be a last instance.

Who could doubt that? If one must try to answer your questions, it is , \:ftrst of all as homage to what this journal has done in that regard, with a � " rigor and dignity that are rather rare, more and more rare. But this is to attempt the impossible-you knew that in advance-and the required brevity does not help matters. Let us sup­ pose that someone accepts to reply, in fact pretends to reply to some of the questions, even though everyone knows in advance that it is im­ possible to do them justice under these conditions, especially when their very formulation remains problematic.

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