Barry (Dog Diaries, Book 3) by Kate Klimo

By Kate Klimo

Barry der Menschenretter—a.k.a. Barry—the most renowned St. Bernard puppy in historical past, tells the tale of his existence for the 1st time. Eight-thousand toes above sea point, within the treacherous move within the Alps among Italy and Switzerland, the clergymen of the hospice of St. Bernard have, because the eleventh century, saved canines to aid them rescue tourists misplaced within the snow. In time, those canines turned a breed unto themselves, named for the hospice. they're liable for assisting over 2,000 tourists who may perhaps differently have frozen to demise. With nice modesty, Barry tells not only approximately his personal heroic exploits (saving over forty lives, together with that of a 12-year-old boy frozen in a cave), yet approximately his way of life within the hospice, his shut dating with the brothers who teach him, and concerning the different hospice hounds with whom he groups as much as advisor misplaced tourists and store lives. With lifelike black-and-white illustrations via Tim Jessell—plus an appendix with information regarding St. Bernards, the good St. Bernard Hospice, and masses, more—Barry's story is ideal for dog-crazy middle-grade readers!

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