Basketball Step-By-Step by Brian Burns, Mark Dunning

By Brian Burns, Mark Dunning

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A decision to continue to drive to open teammate. basket, pass, or shoot. get past defender dribble assess game situation offensive shot fake, one dribble, & jump shot This is another good move to make to try to beat an opponent who is closely guarding you. Assume that you have the ball and are away from the basket. ● Provided you are within your ● The shot fake is a motion with ● You are simply trying to get your shooting range, with the defender in the arms, shoulders, and ball, which defender to react to the threat and front of you, begin to make a shot should look identical to your jump- potential of your jump shot.

Shoulders are facing the target. triple-threat position focus on target ready to jump ● The elbow of your shooting hand ● Jump into the air, keeping your ● The ball is released upward and ● Land in the same spot from which (right in the picture above) is now also body straight. At the top of the jump, forward in a high arc toward the you took off. Your wrist is begin to release the ball by extending basket. Follow through by straightening through even after the ball has “cocked” and the ball is on the soft your elbow and snapping your wrist.

For instance, call This is known as “to show ten,” which of your body. out your teammate’s name and means all ten fingers are up and indicate with your hands where to showing to the passer and the ball. make the pass. be alert signal “show ten” receiving | 39 ● As you are about to catch the ball, ● At the same time, bend your ● “Look the ball into your hands” is a ● As soon as you have caught the make a “nest” for it. When you have elbows so you can bring your hands useful phrase to help you remember ball, get into the triple-threat position, caught the ball, wrap your fingers and the ball in toward your body how to catch the ball properly.

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