Between the Moon and Earth by Jay Alfred

By Jay Alfred

This booklet elaborates additional at the proposal of a "dark Earth" that's coupled to the noticeable Earth within the context of darkish Plasma thought (using a well known approach). This parallel Earth is the habitat of plasma existence kinds, together with human darkish bioplasma our bodies, and consists absolutely of low density magnetic plasma. The biosphere of this counterpart Earth is again and again better than the (currently) seen Earth and there's huge, immense biodiversity during this oceanic darkish plasma planet which teems with plasma lifestyles kinds. Unexplained atmospheric plasma (UAP) gadgets which sporadically seem in our skies and show clever habit are manifestations of those co-inhabitants of Earth. counting on the (dark) electromagnetic interactions among darkish plasma lifestyles types (including human bioplasma our bodies) with vertical electric fields (radiating from the heart of the Earth) and the plasma density of other "shells", existence types during this parallel Earth (including human bioplasma our bodies that have decoupled from their associated carbon-based our bodies) gravitate or levitate into specific shells ­ 'higher' shells being coincident with the actual surroundings of the obvious Earth and 'lower' shells with the crust and inside of the Earth. it truly is attainable that those shells were loosely defined as "heavens' and 'hells" within the anecdotal literature.

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As the frequency of the particle was raised, it was pushed out of the known electromagnetic spectrum. The fact that super particles are invisible from our everyday frame of reference was reiterated many times by various metaphysicists. 18 Once again, we have clear references to the super-physical astral and mental particles which are often cited in metaphysical literature. According to Superstring theory, the super particle is a shadow partner or counterpart of the standard particle. Here, a metaphysicist says the same thing: 25 jay alfred | between the moon and earth Every solid, liquid and gaseous particle of the physical body is surrounded with an etheric envelope: hence the Etheric Double, as its name implies, is a perfect duplicate of the dense form.

The big toe on the right foot did have the thick nail. Everything was reversed, like a mirror image. There is a possibility that the Second Body is a direct reversal of the physical. Robert Monroe 27 The reversal of parity occurs because the lowest super universe (or the ‘physical-etheric universe’ in metaphysical parlance) appears to be a mirror right-handed universe. But it goes beyond current scientific expectations as it is also an upside-down world — a case of a ‘double-parity’ reversal! Robert Monroe, in his book ‘Journeys Out of the Body’ explains (above) that when he tried to touch his head, he touched his foot instead (top-down reversal).

This has happened for the imperfect mirror symmetry between matter and anti-matter — allowing matter to dominate in our universe; and the imperfect (super) mirror symmetry between force and matter particles in Superstring theories. John Hitchcock observes that Nature seems to be dissatisfied with too much symmetry. 26 Nature, at lower energies, has a passion for imperfect symmetry. 28 dark matter is super! | Chapter 4 The partners of left-handed particles in our universe are reflected in a super right-handed universe.

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