Biochemistry of Silicon and Related Problems by Nils Ingri (auth.), Gerd Bendz, Ingvar Lindqvist, Vera

By Nils Ingri (auth.), Gerd Bendz, Ingvar Lindqvist, Vera Runnström-Reio (eds.)

Silicon chemistry used to be initiated in 1823 by way of Berzelius who ready elemental silicon. in lots of methods silicon used to be thought of a standard contrary of carbon, even supposing the 2 parts are heavily comparable as to their digital constitution, either having 4 valence electrons. The houses in their compounds are, in spite of the fact that, severe­ ly assorted. either shape prolonged buildings, yet in several methods - carbon by means of covalent carbon-carbon bonds; silicon through polar silicon- -oxygen-silicon bonds. The advanced carbon compounds are quintessential elements of all residing subject, vegetation and animals. The corresponding silicon compounds increase a huge a part of useless topic, soils and minerals. As lately as 20 years in the past the identify of this Symposium, "BiOChemistry of Silicon", might were regarded as contradictio in adjecto. even if, the improvement within the box has, in the past fifteen years, been overwhelming and has confident us that silicon is an important aspect within the lifestyles tactics, for animals in addition to for vegetation. fascinating therapeutical makes use of were recommended, yet we now have additionally develop into more and more conscious of critical occupational ailments - asbestosis and silicosis - and of attainable cancerogenic results. it truly is our desire that this quantity will supply a few proposal approximately a number of features of silicon compounds that have been mentioned through the Symposium.

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Aveston has pointed out that an analysis of Lagerstrom's data indicates the (2,2)species, Si203(OH)42-, to be a very minor one. Mono- and Polysilicates in Crystals During the last ten years a number of crystal structure Investigations of the monosilicate ion Si0 2 (OH)22- has been carried out, mainly by a research group at the University of Aberdeen. Both X-ray and neutron diffraction techniques were used in these studies. The crystals investigated were hydrated sodium salts and the compounds Na2Si02(OH)2xnH20 with n = 4, 5, 7 and S have hitherto been completely determined (51-56).

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O- l/M Fig . 12. Plots of literature values of the acidity constants pkl and pk2 for silicic acid. (a) Comparison of pkl and pk 2 values obtained in dilute solutions and in constant ionic media; Temperature 20-30 o C; (b) pkl and pk2 values obtained at different temperatures (20-250 0 C). 5/T; (c) pkl and pk 2 values reported for different ionic media. Temperature 25 0 C. 06 - pkl' The dashed lines give the estimated standard deviations for each relation. The symbols used refer to Table 8. O-corr, corrected or extrapolated to pure water; var, variable dilute medium.

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