Boatbuilding with Aluminum by Stephen F. Pollard

By Stephen F. Pollard

I discovered this American written publication first-class for figuring out the complete technique of development in Aluminium.

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Several months later cipher materials were recovered from the German patrol boat VP2623 enabling the British to read six days of German naval radio transmissions. On 4 March 1941, during a raid on the Lofoten Islands, additional cipher materials were found on the captured German trawler Krebs. But this was not enough information for the British code breakers, and in an effort to obtain more information on German naval codes, expeditions were mounted to capture two German weather ships. On 7 May 1941 the weather ship Munchen was captured, and on 28 June the weather ship Lauenburg was taken.

That is, the German U-boats in service in 1943 were nothing more than oceangoing torpedo boats which were capable of submerging and moving around underwater at slow speeds for limited periods of time. This was a serious flaw as submersion was the only effective weapon available for the U-boats to combat aircraft. And, as a final handicap, the vast majority of the U-boats at sea in 1943, especially the Type VII vessels, did not have the range to conduct prolonged operations, even in the North Atlantic, without being refueled at sea.

89 Beginning in December 1942 the US Navy, not wanting to be dependent on the British for information, began to decrypt U-boat radio transmissions independentlybut in continued cooperation with the British at Bletchley Park. C.

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