A People and a Nation: A History of the United States, by Mary Beth Norton, Carol Sheriff, David W. Blight, Howard

By Mary Beth Norton, Carol Sheriff, David W. Blight, Howard Chudacoff, Fredrik Logevall

A humans AND A state is a best-selling textual content supplying a lively narrative that tells the tales of each person within the usa. The authors realization to race and racial id and their inclusion of daily humans and pop culture brings background to lifestyles, attractive readers and inspiring them to visualize what existence used to be quite like within the past.
Volume I To 1877
Maps xi
Figures xi
Tables xi
Preface xiii
1 3 previous Worlds Create a brand new, 1492–1600 1
2 Europeans Colonize North the US, 1600–1650 28
3 North the United States within the Atlantic international, 1650–1720 55
4 American Society remodeled, 1720–1770 79
5 Severing the Bonds of Empire, 1754–1774 106
6 A Revolution, certainly, 1774-1783 131
9 Defi ning the country, 1801-1823 204
10 the increase of the South, 1815–1860 230
11 The stressed North, 1815–1860 260
12 Reform and Politics, 1824–1845 287
13 The Contested West, 1815–1860 314
14 Slavery and America’s destiny the line to struggle, 1845–1861 342
15 reworking hearth The Civil struggle, 1861–1865 369
16 Reconstruction An Unfinished Revolution, 1865–1877 404
Appendix A-1
Index I-1
Volume II considering the fact that 1865
Maps ix
Figures xi
Tables xiii
Preface xv
16 Reconstruction An Unfinished Revolution, 1865–1877 404
17 the improvement of the West, 1865–1900 432
18 The computer Age, 1877–1920 458
19 The energy and Turmoil of city existence, 1877–1920 486
20 Gilded Age Politics, 1877–1900 514
21 The innovative period, 1895–1920 540
22 the search for Empire, 1865–1914 568
23 americans within the nice conflict, 1914–1920 593
24 the recent period, 1920–1929 620
25 the good melancholy and the hot Deal, 1929–1941 649
26 the U.S. in a bothered global, 1920–1941 678
27 the second one global battle at domestic and overseas, 1941–1945 702
28 The chilly battle and American Globalism, 1945–1961 727
29 the US at Midcentury, 1945–1960 755
30 The Tumultuous Sixties, 1960–1968 786
31 carrying on with Divisions and New Limits, 1969–1980 815
32 Conservatism Revived, 1980–1992 846
33 Into the worldwide Millennium, the USA due to the fact 1992 875
Appendix A-1
Index I-1

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The second section of the amendment also dealt with representation and embodied the compromises that produced it. Northerners disagreed about whether blacks should have the right to vote. In truth, public will, North and South, lagged behind the egalitarianism of enactments that became constitutional cornerstones. Many northern states still maintained black disfranchisement laws during Reconstruction. Emancipation ended the three-fifths clause for the purpose of counting blacks, which would increase southern representation.

D. from Yale University (1993). His most recent book is America’s Cold War: The Politics of Insecurity (with Campbell Craig, 2009). His other publications include Choosing War (1999), which won three prizes, including the Warren F. Kuehl Book Prize from the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations (SHAFR); The Origins of the Vietnam War (2001); Terrorism and 9/11: A Reader (2002); as co-editor, Encyclopedia of American Foreign Policy (2002); and, as co-editor, The First Vietnam War: Colonial Conflict and Cold War Crisis (2007).

In their vision, they were creating the Independence Day of a Second American Revolution. 1865–1877 Chapter Outline Wartime Reconstruction Lincoln’s 10 Percent Plan | Congress and the Wade-Davis Bill | Thirteenth Amendment | Freedmen’s Bureau | Ruins and Enmity The Meanings of Freedom The Feel of Freedom | Reunion of African American Families | Blacks’ Search for Independence | Freedpeople’s Desire for Land | Black Embrace of Education | Growth of Black Churches | Rise of the Sharecropping System VISUALIZING THE PAST Sharecropping: Enslaved to Debt Johnson’s Reconstruction Plan Andrew Johnson of Tennessee | Johnson’s Racial Views | Johnson’s Pardon Policy | Presidential Reconstruction | Black Codes The Congressional Reconstruction Plan The Radicals | Congress Versus Johnson | Fourteenth Amendment | The South’s and Johnson’s Defiance | Reconstruction Acts of 1867–1868 | Failure of Land Redistribution | Constitutional Crisis | Impeachment of President Johnson | Election of 1868 | Fifteenth Amendment Politics and Reconstruction in the South White Resistance | Black Voters and the Southern Republican Party | Triumph of Republican Governments | Industrialization and Mill Towns | Republicans and Racial Equality | Myth of “Negro Rule” | Carpetbaggers and Scalawags | Tax Policy and Corruption as Political Wedges | Ku Klux Klan 404 Copyright 2010 Cengage Learning.

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