Cargo Handling and the Modern Port by R. B. Oram and N. Skene Smith (Auth.)

By R. B. Oram and N. Skene Smith (Auth.)

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Accordingly the negotiations were brought to the notice of the Economic Commission for Europe (of the United Nations Organization), who were quick to arrange for discussion of the proposals. At the time of writing the result of these is not yet known. What is certain is that the introduction of standardized trade and transport documents has made a considerable reduction in the costs of handling cargo among the maritime nations of Europe. O. will find it valuable to continue the work among the interested bodies within their regions.

This is applicable when they are engaged in specialized traffic between two ports well equipped with cranes. The container vessels belonging to the British Transport Commission and plying between Harwich and Antwerp/Rotterdam come to mind as examples of a refusal to burden a ship with gear because "it may come in useful sometime". On behalf of winches and derricks it is claimed that it is possible to have the ship geared on the way to her berth so that a flying THE BASIC OPERATIONS OF A PORT 27 start can be made discharging the cargo.

Extremely high outputs can be had with fixed jib hydraulic cranes during the time when the cargo is accessible and under plumb. Cranes take up space on the quay and block access to the ship by forklift trucks; there are times when the ship has to work at a buoy berth or a berth without cranes, until a fully equipped quay berth becomes vacant. The controversy over quay cranes and ships' gear is one more example that no general statement on port operating will find complete and universal acceptance.

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