Clusterbean: Physiology, Genetics and Cultivation by Rakesh Pathak

By Rakesh Pathak

This e-book offers in-depth details on clusterbean, its cultivation, genetic development, plant security measures, administration of abiotic stresses, molecular points and so on. it's divided into seven chapters together with an creation to the crop, customers, constraints, genetic development, variability, program of clusterbean gum and its byproducts, cultivation, plant safety, physiological and abiotic tension features, in addition to comparable genetic markers and biotechnological advances.

Clusterbean (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (L.) Taub.), generally called ‘guar,’ is a vital leguminous crop grown for seed, eco-friendly fodder, vegetable and eco-friendly manuring in arid and semi-arid areas and has a different advertisement function end result of the gum content material in its seeds. India’s arid surroundings offers perfect agro-climatic stipulations for the winning cultivation of clusterbean, because the plant wishes little floor water, long-duration sunshine and coffee relative humidity throughout the cropping season. India bills for almost eighty two percentage of world clusterbean seed creation, making it an immense export product.

in accordance with crucial and marketplace facts, the ebook deals a complete review of this targeted crop, and should be of curiosity to researchers energetic within the box of clusterbean breeding.

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1973) and due to the efficiency of mutagenic effects of SA, no new chemical mutagens of widespread use in plant breeding have been discovered (Sikora et al. 2011). The M1 plants of clusterbean developed from EMS-treated seeds were chlorophyll deficient and showed profuse vegetative growth (Gohal et al. 1972). Similarly, mutants with changed leaf texture or shape, growth habit and pod size were obtained by treating seeds with EMS or hydrazine hydrate and unbranched and regular pod bearing mutants were obtained by treating the seeds with hydroxyl amine (Swamy and Hashim 1980).

2009) reported negative association of quality related characters to seed yield. There are positive and significant correlation of seed yield with dry pod yield, number of pods/cluster, 100–seed weight, number of clusters/plant, branches/plant, seed recovery, germination, number of seeds/pod and dry biomass/plant. Whereas negative and significant correlation was recorded in days to flower initiation, plant height, days to maturity and days to 50 % flowering. Plant height, number of seeds/pod, days to 50 % flowering, number of clusters/plant, dry pod yield/plant and dry biomass/plant had direct positive effects on seed yield.

Indian Farm 42(6):24–25 Heslot HR, Ferary R, Levy R et al (1961) Effect of ionizing radiation of seeds. ). Forage Res 25(3):191–193 Jahan B, Vahidy AA, Ali SI (1994) Chromosome number in some taxa of Fabaceae mostly native to Pakistan. ). Legume Res 35(4):327–331 Jhorar BS, Saini ML, Solanki KR (1980) Phenotypic stability of dry matter yield in clusterbean. Haryana Agric Univ J Res 10:1–4 Joshi PN, Ramaswamy NK, Iyer RK et al (2007) Partial protection of photosynthetic apparatus from UV-B-induced damage by UV-A radiation.

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