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Figure 4 -Dew-Point Testing with ASTM E547 Test Unit. 44 THE USE OF GLASS IN BUILDINGS Twenty (20) IG units in the north elevation curtain wall and 16 IG units in the south elevation curtain wall, for a total of 36, were tested in the late winter of 2001. This represented 15% of the total of 240 IG units in the two curtain walls, a good sample size. Dew-point measurements were made in 10~ brackets below 0~ Temperature brackets were used rather than precise temperatures to speed measurements. 1~ This range was obtained from the "Climate Normals" records available from Environment Canada for the 1937-1990 period.

40 THE USE OF GLASS IN BUILDINGS As noted, the water vapour adsorption capacity of a desiccant in an IG unit is dependent upon its temperature. Therefore, the moisture content of the IG unit cavity gas fill to which the desiccant is exposed, and thus the dew-point temperature of the gas fill, is dependent upon the desiccant temperature. The desiccant temperature of an IG unit installed in a window in a building will lie somewhere between the outdoor ambient air temperature and the indoor ambient air temperature.

Spetz, J. , "Desiccant Works with Temperature to Prolong the Life of Insulating Glass Units," Glass Digest, November 15, 1987, pp. 66--67. Dangieri, T. , and J. S. Amstock, "Desiccants," Handbook of Glass in Construction, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1997, pp. 297-321. Gallion, W. , "The Role of Desiccants in Insulating Glass Units," Insulating Glass Manufacturers Association of Canada (IGMAC) Technical Seminar, 1991. , "The Role of Desiccants in IG Units," 1GMAC Technical Seminar, 1996. , circa 1995.

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