Cujo by Stephen King

By Stephen King

Cujo est un saint-bernard de cent pounds, le meilleur ami de Brett Camber, qui a dix ans. Un jour, Cujo chasse un lapin qui se réfugie dans une sorte de petite grotte souterraine habitée par des chauve-souris.
Ce qui va arriver à Cujo et à ceux qui auront le malheur de l’approcher constitue le sujet du roman le plus terrifiant que Stephen King ait jamais écrit. Brett et ses mom and dad, leurs voisins Vic Trenton et sa femme Donna, aux prises avec l’écroulement de leur couple, Tad, leur petit garçon, depuis des semaines en proie à des terreurs nocturnes : tous vont être précipités dans un véritable typhon d’épouvante, un cauchemar nommé Cujo…

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He kept coming at me, and I gave him the frying pan across the head. Hard. And two more times. The first two times I heard a crunch, and the last time it sounded all wet and squishy. He went down. The blood started seeping out from under him, all thick and dark. The kitchen looked like a damned horror movie, with all the blood from my kids and him. I dragged him outside quick and locked all the doors. “I thought to get my babies to a hospital, but then I looked outside and there were more of those things in the street.

It seemed like forever. I didn’t make a sound, after I saw what had happened to them. I barely moved or breathed. “When I saw there were none of them right outside, I wrote ‘HELP’ on the window with lipstick. I filled a bunch of containers with water before the water stopped running, but I didn’t have food. I tore the place apart and just found the usual stuff that you throw in a drawer and forget about—little bags of saltines or oyster crackers, ketchup and sugar and soy sauce packets, the after dinner mints you get from restaurants.

I think you should go meet him now. ” “Yes, that sounds good. ” He smiled. ” “Yeah, I do. Sometimes I forget how much. I guess that’s why I always liked working on the ships. ” “Yeah, I used to like to go fishing in a rowboat with my dad when I was little. Didn’t do it so much when I grew up. ” He looked thoughtful and smiled. “Well, Jonah, I hope someday you and I can get on a boat and do some fishing. But until then, let’s take you to see Milton. I think you’ll find he kind of recharges you in a way, too.

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