Cultivated plants and their wild relatives.. by P. M. Zukovskij

By P. M. Zukovskij

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It truly is broadly authorised between conservation biologists that genetics is, greater than ever, a necessary and effective software for wild and captive inhabitants administration and reserve layout. even if, a real synergy among inhabitants genetics and conservation biology is missing. Following the 1st overseas Workshop on inhabitants Genetics for Animal Conservation in 2003, the clinical committee felt that, given the worldwide urgency of animal conservation, it was once relevant that discussions on the convention have been made available to graduate scholars and natural world managers.

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Note the consensus sequence within the N-tenninal parts (First 12 amino acids of the mature proteins). 2. Serological Affinity of GP111 with Antibodies against a Non-Glycosylated Germin Monomer Polyclonal antibodies were raised against the MBP-wheat germin monomer coding sequence expressed as a fusion protein in E. coli. The immunserum which recognizes unambiguously the germin apoprotein (Dumas et al. 1993) has been used to confirm the homologies with germin and glycoproteins deduced from the multiple alignments.

Tremula shoots, as early as 1 h after gradual water loss and ABA application, as found by Pelah et al. [19]. Using Populus clones which differed in their drought tolerance, we found a good correlation between the expression of dehydrin-like proteins and sucrose synthase and the degree of drought tolerance and ion leakage [21]. cDNAs of the 66 kDa and related proteins are being employed for additional molecular characterization. Here we present additional evidence for the effect of cold and osmotic stresses on protein expression.

1. IN VITRO CULTURE AND REGENERATION OF ALEPPO PINE P. halepensis is highly recalcitrant to in vitro propagation, although some success has been achieved using mature embryos [11, 12]. We have previously studied explants of zygotic embryos, seedlings and cytokinin-treated mature trees of P. halepensis for their regeneration potential, and efficient procedures for massive induction of adventitious shoots from mature embryos, as well as for their rooting, were established [2]. Here we report additional results, including induction of a second cycle of adventitious buds from inverted mature embryos, regeneration from embryo and seedling explants, regeneration from elongated juvenile needles, growth and regeneration of cytokinininduced fascicular buds, and attempts to induce somatic embryogenesis.

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