Dance scenes in early archaic Greek vase-painting (PhD) by Buboltz, Lisa Ann

By Buboltz, Lisa Ann

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First released in 2003. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa corporation.

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The concept that of "worldmaking" is predicated at the concept that the realm isn't given, yet quite produced via language, activities, rules and belief. This number of essays takes a better examine hybrid and disparate worlds on the topic of dance and choreography. Coming from a large variety of other backgrounds and disciplines, the authors inquire into the methods of manufacturing dance worlds: via inventive perform, discourse and media, choreographic shape and dance fabric.

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The anterior-posterior axis measures depth of the body. O Return to the head. In your mind's eye, draw a line from your right ear to your left ear. Feel the width of your skull. Draw a line from your left shoulder to your right shoulder. Feel the width of your shoulder girdle. Draw a line from your right greater trochanter to your left greater trochanter. Feel the width of your pelvic girdle. Draw a line from the outer surface of your right knee to the inner surface of your right knee. Feel the width of your knee joint.

Thus, our information is constantly changing, and the insights we have as individuals are part of the discovery. • 24 Body symmetries 20 minutes Lying on the floor on your belly, arms and legs spread in an X: Slowly lift one arm about an inch off the floor, feel its weight, and let it return to the floor. Repeat with a leg, your head, then the pelvis. Let all of your weight rest into the floor. 0 Asymmetry: Imagine that you are suspended in water. Begin moving slowly, brushing all surfaces of your body against the floor or another body part as though stimulated by the water.

In our group was a geologist who loved reading history through the layers of stone. We began by looking for cockleshells and other fossils in the white bed of Kaibob limestone crumbling under our feet - an estimated 225 million years in the making. On the first night, we camped facing the smooth Redwall - limestone 300 million years old; on the second night we slept at the site of an old Anasazi ruin, facing what was called the Great Unconformity - an eroded era of ancient rock, formed before life was present on the earth, now missing from the geological "book" of the canyon walls.

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