Dead Men's Secrets: Tantalising Hints of a Lost Super Race by Jonathan Gray

By Jonathan Gray

Extraordinary secrets and techniques FROM misplaced towns- expertise THAT VANISHED! Archaeologist Jonathan Graystumbled upon anything that surprised him! ... youwould name them "out of place"items.¿ they usually were not simply in oneplace.¿ there has been a world trend to them.This development confirmed a misplaced technology and technology.¿ that is whilst he knew a person needed to speakup.¿ This content material was once of tremendousvalue. equipment: were you aware that the Egyptians bored into granite rock with drills that grew to become 500 occasions speedier than smooth strength drills? historical the USA: were you aware chinese language mapping survey of North the United States in 2200 BC defined a dawn over the Grand Canyon, black opals and gold nuggets in Nevada, and seals frolicking in San Francisco Bay?¿This isthe so much striking archaeology booklet you will EVER see!Dead Men's secrets and techniques is anassemblage of astounding discoveries... A misplaced large technology emerges from theseafloor, jungle and desolate tract sands of the world... over 1,000 forgotten secrets.It will surprise you, SEE this global as you may have by no means noticeable it sooner than. realize solutions you by no means had. achieve a brand new enjoyment.HAVE evidence at your fingertips toamaze your folks.

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Thus began the next stage of man’s decline. 44 Chapter 5 SUDDEN FURY T he event was devastating. Shock waves from it are still being felt today. Until that moment, the plan to contain the fast-growing population under one central world authority, based at Babel, appeared to be working. Then in one violent stroke, communications were destroyed. In the resultant chaos, the world alliance collapsed. A confused secondary migration began and many peoples lost contact (see map of prehistoric era in Chapter 4).

17 I stared, somewhat intrigued, at the map. Armenia, the dispersion point, lay almost precisely in the middle. (I would later discover that other researchers had reached a similar conclusion. As says Howells: “If we look, first of all, for that part of the world which was the hothouse of the races, we can make only one choice. All the visible footsteps lead away from Asia. ” “Oh, I hardly think so. ” I recited to Edgar the succession of discoveries made since our last meeting. 1. Each of the first civilizations appeared suddenly, already fully developed.

It was Wajsmann speaking. “Here again, according to demonstrated science, the opposite appears to be true. “For what it’s worth, the skull capacity (with its inferred brain size) of Cro-Magnon man was at least equal to and sometimes superior to our own. “Neanderthal (‘Stone Age’) man had an appreciably larger cranium (1,600 cubic centimeters) than that of modern man. “The cranial capacity of ancient man in Morocco (called ‘Mouillans’ by anthropologists) measured an average 2,000 cubic centimeters, compared to modern man’s cranial size of about 1,400 cubic centimeters.

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