Department 19 by William Hill

By William Hill

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I need you to accept that I share your concern about Marie, and that I’m taking you to the only people in the country who may be able to bring her back to you. ” Jamie turned away and watched the road they were traveling on snake through the quiet forest. The trees were thick on all sides, blurred by the pounding rain, and the headlights of the car illuminated little more than the road itself, a single lane of concrete that looked oddly well-maintained in this deep countryside. Every few minutes, he looked over at the man in the driver’s seat.

I thought Frankenstein was the creator, not the monster,” he muttered. The brakes of the car squealed, the wheels locked, and they slid to a halt. Frankenstein took a deep breath. “Victor Frankenstein made me,” he said, his voice like ice. “And for a time I was a monster. But after Frankenstein died, I took his name. To honor him. ” Jamie nodded. “I’m sorry,” he said, quietly. Frankenstein didn’t respond. ” “I heard you,” grunted the monster. “I accept your apology, as I accept the fact that you’re worried about your mother, and worry can make people say unwise things.

Jamie looked at her, helplessly. Go to her. Go and hug her and tell her it’s going to be all right. Jamie wanted to, wanted nothing more than to kneel beside his mother and bridge the gap that had been growing steadily between them since the night his father had died. But he couldn’t. Instead he stood, frozen to the spot, and watched his mother cry. 2 SINS OF THE FATHER Jamie woke up late the next morning, showered and dressed, and slipped out of the front door without seeing his mother. He walked his usual route through the estate, but when he reached the turn that led to his school, he carried straight on, through the little retail park with its McDonald’s and its DVD rental shop, across the graffiti-covered railway bridge, strewn with broken glass and flattened discs of chewing gum, past the station and the bike racks, down toward the canal.

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