The Mormon Presence in Canada by B. Y. Card

By B. Y. Card

Even though Mormons were a presence in Canada for over a century and a part, their picture has many times altered. The Mormon Presence in Canada strains the background of Mormons in Canada and addresses modern matters together with economics and politics, demographic and social elements of ethnicity.

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43 Similarly, 28 BENNETT in the Maritimes, the little success the Mormons had enjoyed was cut short by the rush to emigrate. Building on Lyman E. Johnson's efforts in New Brunswick eight years before, Jessie W. " Crosby's efforts eventually raised the ire of the province's crown-appointed lieutenant-governor. We repaired to Fredericton, appeared before his Excellency, the Governor; our names were recorded and our place of residence. Our documents underwent an investigation—the Governor was very inquisitive.

They settled in small tracts apportioned in a community drawing. Water belonged to the community and the right to it came with the right to use land. Individual rights were safeguarded, but so was the community right. Historical Roots of the Mormon Settlement 13 They were a highly organized, old-fashioned people, accomplishing on a co-operative group basis what individuals working independently could not have done. This system of co-operative economics could apply only as long as the Mormons' commonwealth was united and left alone.

35 Appearing in Mackenzie's popular, short-lived 26 BENNETT newspaper, The Constitution, while Pratt was preaching north of Toronto, was the following: Its miracles too are very well attested; the visit of the angel [Moroni] to Smith, its founder, is as positively stated, and fully believed, as any of the Angel visits mentioned in the Scripture.. 37 At the same time that Mackenzie and others were fleeing southward in 1837 to escape the reprisals of a victorious colonial compact, Pratt was leading his new converts in the same direction.

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