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In contrast to Y DNA haplogroups, mtDNA haplogroups did not show as much geographical patterning, but were more evenly ubiquitous. Red lingonberries (also known as cowberries) are smaller and juicier than their distant cousin, the cranberry. You can only add up to 2 children passes per each adult pass in order. Dynamism of a Soccer Player 40, Umberto Boccioni, 1913. At the dock he remembered vividly how a mother gave her three small girls a last embrace before turning them over to a young woman to be taken to Utah.16 The first emigrants to go all the way from Scandinavia to Utah (not counting the Norwegian forerunners converted in Illinois) numbered a small band of twenty-eight, whom Erastus Snow in January 1852 -- with his following nearly six hundred and growing daily -- ventured to send out like doves from the ark.

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Now, well-preserved medieval "Old Town" districts await your discovery in Stockholm and Tallinn and a little mermaid greets you in Copenhagen. Petersburg, Russia, boasts artistic and cultural treasures, while the stunning Norwegian Fjords offer towering cliffs and spectacular waterfalls. Enter lands where fairy-tale castles inspired Shakespeare, where the Lads from Liverpool launched a British invasion and where the elusive Nessie calls home Although Vikings are often depicted as wearing horned helmets, it is doubtful that they actually wore them into battle They were a farming family and the 1875 record showed that the year produced 1/4 ton barley, 1 1/2 ton oats, and 3 tons of potatoes The scope and depth of our relations may surprise you. Follow the stars of the LET with action from the final round of the Xiamen International Ladies Open live from the Orient Golf Club, on October 16, 2016. Xiamen, China: Chinese teenager Yuting Shi shot an opening round of seven-under-par 65 to lead by two at the Xiamen International Ladies Open on Thursday , source: Values of Tajima's D close to zero are generally interpreted to reflect selective neutrality and constant population size, whereas negative values are interpreted to indicate either a selective sweep or a past population expansion affecting a single locus under the first scenario or all loci under the latter scenario. 35, 40 In the context of European HVR I sequences, the low values of the population parameter ) and the relatively high values of Tajima's D indicate that the Faroe Islands and Iceland have the smallest effective female population size. 21 The Faroe Islands also appeared to have a substantially lower level of gene diversity than the other populations ( Table 1 ). k and the proportion of private haplotypes 19 was r=0.749 (P=0.032), with Iceland above and the Scottish NW-coast below the predicted 95% confidence limit, as the only two populations found outside the 95% confidence region , cited:

Denmark, Finland and Sweden are members of the European Union, Norway and Iceland are related to the community law via the EEA-agreement, creating the European Economic Area. Geographically, the Scandinavian peninsula comprises Norway and Sweden and the northernmost part of Finland. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. This iframe contains the logic required to handle AJAX powered Gravity Forms Buy modern European lighting and Scandinavian lighting and furniture, NUD Collection, Muuto, Normann Copenhagen, Plumen, Nordic Tales Buy modern European lighting and Scandinavian lighting and furniture, NUD Collection, Muuto, Normann Copenhagen, Plumen, Nordic Tales. Buy modern European lighting and Scandinavian lighting and furniture, NUD Collection, Muuto, Normann Copenhagen, Plumen, Nordic Tales Buy modern European lighting and Scandinavian lighting and furniture, NUD Collection, Muuto, Normann Copenhagen, Plumen, Nordic Tales
Because the Scandinavian countries are all on the sea, many different types of seafoods were widely available. In an attempt to preserve these available foods, the process of smoking and drying was widely used. Even before the year 1000, the Vikings were catching and drying cod so that they could take it with them on their voyages , e.g. June 3 (Infostrada Sports) - Scores from the European Tour Scandinavian Masters at the par-72 course on Friday in Stockholm The early Gnostics used Basque exclusively. Nyland wishes that he could be more positive about Fell's work. As far as he can see his true strength is in transliteration, not translation.� Indeed, Fell may have believed he was viewing an early form of Ogam when indeed it was an early form of Norse.� Regardless of the terminology, Fell�s translations appear to be accurate, as indeed Nyland accepted. ������ According to Fell, Woden-lithi's main purpose for visiting America was apparently to barter textiles with the Algonquian Indians in return for metallic copper ingots (Fell 1982).� He left a detailed record of his visit at Peterborough where he established a permanent-trading colony.� To critics who argued that there was no writing among the Scandinavians until about the time of Christ, Fell (1982) pointed to two alphabets as shown in Fig. 1 .� One alphabet, " ogam consaine " was employed by the ancient peoples of Ireland and Scotland (often referred to as Celts�see Celts ).� They were recorded and explained in detail by Irish monks during the Middle Ages.� A detailed description of this writing was given in Barry Fell's books America BC and Saga America.� The other alphabet, called "Tifinag", is the special way of writing of the Tuaregs, a race of Berbers living in the Atlas Mountains of North Africa.� Both ogam consain and Tifinag use only consonants in nearly all words, leaving the vowels to be inferred, as do writers of Hebrew, Arabic and other ancient scripts.� Sometimes, where doubt may exist as to the word intended, a vowel sign is added, or a pictograph, to help recognize the word (Fell 1982).� [ Ogam Script details ] ������ It is apparent from evidence provided in the following text that Bronze Age Irish and Norsemen colonists in America showed strong feelings about their pagan gods and the power that they had over daily events.� Therefore, the numerous inscriptions found in America on rocks, implements and bone regularly connected these gods with whatever the people were trying to show, whether it be gathering wool from wild sheep or recounting their travels.� With his wide knowledge about Bronze Age mythology and religions in Europe, Professor Fell noted close similarities in the American inscriptions.� He interpreted these as cultural extensions from Europe, following colonization by explorers crossing the Atlantic in ancient times.� (Pleases refer to Figs. 20, 21, 22, 23 & 24 � for more illustrations to this section).� As of 2005, we have come to recognize the ancient language as Saharan from which all other Indo-European languages were derived. ������ The following text reconsiders the detailed account by Professor Barry Fell in Bronze Age America, 1982,.with new knowledge accumulated since its publication.�� Although Fell�s reference to Celts often includes peoples of both Ireland and Scotland, I have generally used the word Ancient Irish for both� (Please see Celts ).� ����� These alphabets enable an examination of the famous Bronze Age sites where rock-cut inscriptions are preserved.� One famous site occurs at Hjulatorp, Sweden, the name meaning " Wheel Village ."� There exist numerous Neolithic or early Bronze Age rock carvings that resemble chariot wheels and others that look like disks or globes ( Figs. 3 ).� Fell (1982) discussed the significance of this site as follows: ������ Examine the fernlike inscription on the lower part of the rock face, beneath some circular carvings.� There is little difficulty in recognizing this as ogam consain, and that the letters are as shown on Fig 3 .� They spell K-UI-G-L, which, as all Norse- and German-speaking readers will immediately recognize, is just an archaic way of spelling the general Teutonic root that means a ball or globe.� Glance now to the upper right, where, beside the same circular images, we now find a series of engraved dots that match letters in the Tifinag alphabet.� The letters are, as shown in Fig. 4, K-G-L--, again, just an archaic rendering of the same word, this time in a different alphabet.� There are more of the Tifinag letters.� Look at the chariot wheels ..." in Fig. 5 .� "Beneath them are letters that spell W-H-L-A, obviously an archaic spelling of the Old Norse� <= Saharan ?> word for wheel.� Farther to the right we find a Tifinag word spelling K-L.� Now the writer of that last word may have been an ancient Swede, already casting out from his pronunciation of kugl that internal g, for whereas Danes and Germans retain the internal consonant, the Swedes now spell and pronounce kugl as kula. ������ But, it may appear, there is not supposed to be any writing at all on these Bronze Age monuments!� Well, that was not Fell�s opinion, and he suspected that� it would begin to occur to the reader that perhaps our earlier ideas may have erred on these matters.� Now let us take a look at another Bronze Age carving, first recorded by Dr
Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC, and his work has been selected to be shown in the National Juried Art Show of the Southern Appalachian Artists' Guild in Blue Ridge, GA. Simple, easy and creative recipes and projects delivered straight to your inbox. Filling my home with beautiful Christmas decorations and making this time of year Magical is very important to me! This work is now attributed to Václav Spála, and not as described in the printed catalogue More » The Iceland flag is blue with a red cross outlined in white extending to the edges of the flag; the vertical part of the cross is shifted to the hoist side in the style of the Dannebrog (Danish flag) At the center of scholarship in the field of Scandinavian studies, Johnson edited its scholarly journal, Scandinavian Studies for over two decades , source: Scandinavia includes the three kingdoms of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Not to be confused with the Scandinavian cultural region which includes Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Icelan…d, and occasionally the Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Finland. Another term, "the Nordic Countries" refers to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. Swedish Christmas Sampler Tour - Still spaces available for December 2016 departure , e.g.! The Eagle has yet to be one of the most excellent tv shows I have ever seen Little has been said about the ASCOT patients, recruited largely from general or primary care practices and whose commitment to the study was a major factor in its success. It has been consistently demonstrated that patients do well in trials, and their outcomes are better than if they remained under “usual” care, even if assigned placebo (the Hawthorn effect). 35 This was certainly the case in ASCOT See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising At World Knives we offer a large variety of Scandinavian knives from Finland, Sweden and Norway , cited: Shipping charges are added when you place an order as these will vary by your delivery country. Shipping rates (flat rate by total value of your order) and other practical information can be viewed on the 'footer' and 'menu'. Sold items are not displayed on the website. It is therefore not possible to use the 'evaluation' facility to leave your comments on either the product or the service received Note all the people in the background going, “Go on, Lena, keep grinning, that's it, yeah, God, this pic is gonna look great on Facebook when I do a witty caption about the end of your career.” Swedes are a nasty bunch of CV-binning cake-baking race haters, for whom tying the tubes of anyone who doesn't fulfill their eugenicized national ideal is as natural as tying their shoelaces (though we have to admit that all that eugenics has left them extremely good looking)

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